1. Identity Security and AI: Access Requests and Provisioning

    In a blog published in October (Identity Security and Artificial Intelligence), as part of #BeIdentitySmart week, the AI/ML Technical Working Group subcommittee outlined a blog series that will explore how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being utilized today, and how they can be used in the future to provide organizations with more effective Identity Security….

  2. Sensible 2022 Resolutions for Behavioral-Aware, Identity-First Security

    In our human life, we are used to continuous checks and controls based on what we do every day, our daily behaviors. Imagine a world where a speedometer only periodically displayed how fast you were driving, and there were no police, speed limits, or traffic lights. How safe would the roads be? The digital streets…

  3. Wrapping Up #BeIdentitySmart Week

    In April we partnered with the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) on the first ever Identity Management Day to raise awareness about the importance of securing digital identities. For 18 years the NCA has hosted Cybersecurity Awareness Month to ensure organizations and individuals have the resources they need to stay safer and more secure online. In recent years,…

  4. Identity Security and Artificial Intelligence

    Mention ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’ or ‘Machine Learning (ML)’ in conversation, and thoughts immediately jump to images of time-traveling cyborgs, global nuclear war simulations, and pod bay doors. While these front-of-mind examples make for good entertainment, they will (hopefully) stay in the realm of mostly-fiction. The reality is that artificial intelligence, and its subgenre machine learning,…

  5. #BeIdentitySmart Week: Improving Identity Insights with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    We asked our champions for their best advice on Improving Identity Insights with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. See below for their responses and we’d love to hear your perspective, too! Share your response on Twitter and join us in raising awareness of the importance of identity management and securing digital identities by sharing all of…



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