Posts by Asad Ali

  1. Defining Identity Defined Security

    The language of all things technical – science, medicine, technology – can be confusing. To make matters worse, in the technical world and more specifically cybersecurity we are famous for evolving or conflating terms that can often create confusion with our customers and the broader industry. The latest example is the evolution (and perhaps confusion)…

  2. New Technical Working Group Subcommittees Chartered to Expand Guidance for Identity and Security Professionals

    We’re excited to announce a significant expansion to our research and development efforts with the addition of 6 new Technical Working Group (TWG) subcommittees that encompass everything from the basics of best practices to innovations at the intersection of identity and security. Through our Technical Working Group, IDSA technology and solution provider members come together to…

  3. Adapting the IDSA Framework to Keep Pace with Evolution of Identity and Security Industry

    Today we are excited to announce the latest adaptation of the Identity Defined Security Framework, which offers practical, vendor-neutral guidance on how to achieve identity-centric security. The update is the culmination of numerous whiteboards, conference calls, and a two-day Technical Working Group workshop in San Francisco, where over 15 IDSA member companies came together to discuss…



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