Posts by Julie Talbot-Hubbard

  1. IAM Best Practices Blog Series: Why it is Critical to Establish an IAM Governance Committee

    In previous IAM Best Practices blogs my fellow customer advisory board members dove into identity ownership, ensuring identity uniqueness, where to start with provisioning and de-provisioning, discovery of assets for privileged access and establishing processes for incorporating IAM into new applications. In this blog post, I will explain why it is critical to establish a governance committee as part of identity and access…

  2. IAM Best Practices Blog Series: Align Automated Provisioning and De-provisioning with Business Priorities, But Focus on Risk

    Provisioning access for new employees can be a time-consuming exercise without the proper processes and tools in place.  Even more challenging and important is de-provisioning user access when roles change, or people leave the organization.  In the last IAM Best Practices blog, Tom Malta discussed the value in establishing and maintaining unique identities and its importance in establishing…



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