#BeIdentitySmart Week: Transforming Experience Through Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

We asked our champions for their best advice on Transforming Experience Through Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). See below for their responses and we’d love to hear your perspective, too! Share your response on Twitter and join us in raising awareness of the importance of identity management and securing digital identities by sharing all of your best practices and advice on Twitter or LinkedIn using #BeIdentitySmart.

#BeIdentitySmart Week aims to spotlight the importance of identity security as part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Each day during the week we will focus on a specific aspect of identity security, posting blogs from the IDSA and the identity and security community, as well as crowdsourced advice from our Identity Management Champions.

“Align closely with the business to understand how consumers interact with the company and its products. From there, develop a roadmap that increases engagement, reduces friction, and complies with data privacy requirements. Lastly, an organization must factor decentralized identity into its CIAM strategy to reach an inflection point.”

– Yash Prakash, Chief Strategy Officer, Saviynt

“Educate business stakeholders to understand how a foundation of modern identity can enable the business to deliver a better user experience.”

 Rebecca Archambault, Trusted Identities Leader, HighMark, Highmark Western and Northeastern New York

“Organizations can transform experience through CIAM by first providing a secure method of authentication so that customers can prove that they are indeed who they say they are. The key is to not make it so burdensome that there are incentives to create workarounds. We also advise organizations to investigate limiting the number of unique username/password combinations by either looking at password-less options and/or federating identities. Finally, firms and organizations should only require customers to provide the least amount of information to gain access and perform their tasks as is necessary.” 

– Rod Simmons, vice president of product strategy, Omada

“Central to transforming the user experience, and embracing what we call the Trusted User Experience, is removing the friction involved in account verification. I’ve seen cases in which companies signing up tens of thousands, or millions, of new users per month have lost 10% of these accounts due to email verification problems alone (verification emails landing in spam, issues with mobile email apps, etc.). Gartner expects more than 60% of large enterprises to adopt passwordless login by 2022. But companies must also simplify account verification by incorporating an identity intelligence solution that can confirm it is the real user behind the screen in real time.”

– Ari Jacoby, CEO, Deduce

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