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Adobe Finds ZEN Using Identity-Centric Security

Adobe Case Study.

As with most organizations that are implementing digital transformation initiatives, Adobe faced the struggle to find the balance between a pleasant user experience and stringent security requirements. With the increased complexity of user authentication, blending usernames and passwords with second factor authentication, the user experience can suffer. In many cases users needed to re-authenticate many times a day depending on the applications or devices they use. Adobe has achieved the perfect balance through a Zero-trust Enterprise Network (ZEN) approach that leverages identity-centric security principles.

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In this guest blog, you’ll learn why context is important in the zero-trust world.  It’s not enough to just know who the actor is, but organizations need to put in place a trust engine that considers all contexts of the user before providing access to a resource.  The implementation of a trust engine is a key component to Adobe’s Zero-trust Enterprise Network.

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In this webinar, Den Jones, Director of Enterprise Security, and Carlos Martinez, Sr. Systems Engineer, explain the challenges, solution and lessons learned as they transform their infrastructure to a Zero-trust Enterprise Network leveraging existing technology investments.