Oversight of the IDSA will be provided by an executive board, which consists of representatives from member companies. The following companies will staff the initial Executive Board:  CyberArk, Netskope, Optiv (founding member), Ping Identity (founding member), SailPoint, SecureAuth, ThreatMetrix and VMware.  The term of the executive board will be through calendar year 2018.  At the end of 2 years, the IDSA community will be able to nominate and vote on new executive board members. The executive board is responsible for the overall charter, use case development process and oversight of thought leadership and marketing activities to promote the work of the alliance.


The customer advisory board has been established to provide the user community perspective and guidance on the vision, mission and work of the IDSA.  The term will be through calendar year 2018.  At the end of 2 years, member companies will be asked to nominate candidates and a new board will be approved by the executive board. The customer advisory board provides input into the vision of how identity fits into the broader cyber security marketplace and delivers guidance on use cases and reference architectures that address the evolving security requirements of organizations.


Membership in the IDSA is targeted to organizations who want to (i) contribute to the vision of an identity-centric approach to security, including use cases, reference architectures, and/or technology, and (ii) become a contributor to the common goal of advocating an identity-centric approach and the benefits across the industry. The work of the IDSA will be for the benefit of the cyber security community.  The resources produced by the IDSA will be publicly available. Organizations will be able to access the work of the IDSA, as well as contribute through submissions and commenting of use cases as they are developed.

Terms and Requirements:

Membership:  Membership is open to all organizations (vendor, solutions providers) in the cyber security industry and end customers who want to provide real world feedback to the work of the alliance.  Member companies agree to cooperate in good faith to work together to identify and define use cases, develop technology demos and to promote and market the alliance.

Technical Support:  Each member will designate a technical contact that will be responsible for contribution to the development of use cases, reference architectures, technical documentation (whitepapers, use case documents, architecture diagrams) and technology demonstrations. The technical contact will be asked to participate in regular conference calls and quarterly face to face meetings.

Marketing:  Each member will designate a marketing contact that will be responsible for member contribution to all awareness activities for the IDSA, including but not limited to:

  • Quote for IDSA press release announcing new members.
  • Reference participation in the IDSA on corporate website and link to www.idsalliance.org.
  • Corporate logos for the IDSA website.
  • Blog, to be posted on member website, announcing membership in the IDSA and benefits to the organization and its customers.
  • Promotion of the IDSA and activities to customer base through social channels, company newsletters, emails, and other corporate communication vehicles.
  • Include IDSA promotional materials in booth at designated events.

The marketing contact will be asked to participate in regular conference calls and quarterly face-to-face meetings. 

Go to Market:  The IDSA is not responsible for the go to market or monetization of solutions coming out of the work of the IDSA.  Any go to market or monetization terms will be agreed to between the individual member companies.  

Confidentiality:  Member companies will not share documentation, software or disclose confidential (future capabilities, products, etc) information obtained during IDSA meetings. While it is not required, member companies are encouraged to establish NDAs with other member companies, if necessary.

IDSA Intellectual Property Guidelines:  All methodologies, procedures, management tools, workshops, manuals, software, object code, data files, concepts, ideas, inventions, know-how and other intellectual property IDSA has developed, created, or acquired (“IDSA Intellectual Property”) are, and shall remain, the sole and exclusive property of IDSA. Member companies acknowledge and agree that their participation in the IDSA is voluntary and any participation in the creation of IDSA Intellectual Property is solely for the benefit of IDSA and Member companies shall have no ownership to the IDSA Intellectual Property.