The IDSA has worked collaboratively to define vendor agnostic integration patterns or use cases that are available to organizations – technology vendors, solution providers and end customers – to utilize in the development of roadmaps, implementing integrated architectures and as the basis of service offerings.

The following organizations have integrations and offerings available based on the work of the IDSA.

The C3 Alliance delivers certified technology integrations between CyberArk and alliance member products that make it easier for customers to extend the power of privileged account security across their organization and enhance their overall security posture. 

Optiv Security
As a market-leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions, Optiv has introduced a suite of service offerings focused on helping customers realize an identity-centric approach to security.  

SailPoint’s Identity+ Alliance delivers the power of identity by enabling organizations to integrate their entire security and operational infrastructure, making it “identity aware” so that breaches can be better mitigated, identified and contained.

The Connected Security Alliance creates a reference architecture that will help organizations address every stage of the attack lifecycle from initial penetration to lateral movement to escalating privileges.