Zero Trust Government Symposium

July 17th – July 18th  |  Learn More

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DSI’s 2nd Annual Zero Trust Government Symposium will convene on July 17-18 in National Harbor, MD to bring together leaders, experts, and implementors across the USG and DOD to highlight the current status of Zero Trust implementation efforts. Implementing a ZT approach ensures that access to data is strictly controlled and monitored, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

In this year’s iteration of the Zero Trust Government Symposium, attendees will gain insights into accelerating Zero Trust implementation within the DOD and federal agencies, focusing on synchronizing efforts and the latest functional management offices that have been stood up to promote these efforts. Discussions will cover insulating battlefield operations, ensuring secure information sharing, transitioning to a hybrid workforce, defining adoption milestones, defeating adversaries, and addressing challenges in Zero Trust strategy. Attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of the government’s efforts to implement ZTA and how to foster fruitful partnerships with industry.

Active military and government and state personnel attend complimentary. Those interested in participating in the Zero Trust Government Symposium can visit Defense Strategies Institute’swebsite. Anyone interested in learning more or sending questions please contact Jessica Joaquim at or (201) 824-0077.

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