1. Making the Business Case for Identity Security

    Identity is at the front line of security, in a world where one social engineering attack can bring down an empire, everyone is on guard. As a security leader, identity security should be on the Board’s radar, but how do you get their interest and why look to the IDSA as a resource? There’s two parts…

  2. Identity – Don’t Forget About the Device

    The word “identity” has always made us think of a person’s identity. However, over the past 20 years the meaning of the term has evolved subtly. This evolution focused mainly on the shift from a human identity to privileged identities and then to generic accounts and application-based accounts. But the last five years or so…

  3. Building Your IT/Security Career by Taking Risks

  4. Zero Trust Myth Series: Going Beyond the Network

    First impressions die hard. When the concept of Zero Trust was first introduced, the focus was on segmenting, isolating, and controlling network traffic. Today, however, those ideas represent only one fraction of a Zero Trust strategy. On my list of Zero Trust myths, the second fallacy I noted was the idea that Zero Trust focuses solely on…



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