October 25, 2021

BeIdentitySmart Week 2021

#BeIdentitySmart Week, a companion event to Identity Management Day, aims to spotlight the importance of identity security as part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Each day during the week will focus on a specific aspect of identity security by raising awareness, sharing best practices, and leveraging the support of vendors in the identity security space. Read on to see how you can be a part of this important day.


Join Us in the Journey to Better Security through Identity

Why Identity Matters

This infographic provides the stats that support the need for better digital identity security.

Identity Management Champion

Identity Management Champions have made identity management and security foundational to their mission.

Improve Your Focus on Identity Security

From best practices for identity management to securing customer interactions and DevOps practices through identity, we’re gathering the best resources.

Get Involved

With the week-long format, each day of #BeIdentitySmartWeek will feature a specific identity-security related theme, highlighting guidance on security related outcomes and best practices from experts on popular topics.

  • Monday, October 25: How to Start an Identity-Centric Security Program
  • Tuesday, October 26: Transforming Experience Through Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)
  • Wednesday, October 27: The Growing Importance of Protecting Machine Identities
  • Thursday, October 28: Applying Identity to DevSecOps Tools and Processes
  • Friday, October 29: Improving Identity Insights with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Ways to participate include:

  • Contributing a blog or expert commentary on one or more of the #BeIdentitySmart Week topics
  • Sharing thoughts on social media using #BeIdentitySmart and social cards
  • Registering to become an Identity Management Champion
  • Registering to attend the October 28th LinkedIn Live panel session at https://idsalliance.wpengine.com/beidentitysmart-week-live-webcast/

Have questions about #BeIdentitySmart Week and how to get involved? Email us at beidentitysmart@www.idsalliance.org.



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