1. Identity Management Day and the Importance of Strong Identity Security

    This article was original published by Saviynt. You can view the original article here. Identity Management Day, held on the second Tuesday of April, is a day of awareness to educate business leaders, IT decision makers, and the general public about the importance of identity security. It is sponsored by Identity Defined Security Alliance in partnership with…

  2. The Significance of Identity Security

  3. Use Identity Convergence to Collaborate More Securely With External Partners

  4. Identity Management Day and the Importance of Strong Identity Security

    The scope of identity and access management (IAM) has expanded over the years. In the beginning, IAM concerned only identities that represented humans, but more recently it has grown to encompass not only tools and technologies, but processes through which a digital identity is defined and managed to provide access to digital resources. IAM has…

  5. Identity Management Day Virtual Conference 2023 Registration Now Open

    Co-hosted by the Identity Defined Security Alliance and the National Cybersecurity Alliance, one-day virtual conference will take place on April 11 DENVER, February 15, 2023 – The Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), a nonprofit that provides vendor-neutral education and resources to help organizations reduce the risk of a breach by combining identity and security strategies,…

  6. Identity Management Day: How to Get Involved

  7. Incorporating Machine Identities into an Identity-Centric Strategy

    The importance of machine identities and non-person entities (or non-human identities) in the enterprise is often overlooked. Machine identities govern the confidentiality and integrity of information [flow] between machines. To ensure their unique identities, machines use keys and certificates, similar to people’s use of usernames and passwords (source Venafi). Automation is being used to drive…

  8. Identity as the First Line of Digital Defense for Cybersecurity

  9. Best Practice: Enabling Visibility as Part of Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM)

    Today’s modern enterprises rely heavily on cloud infrastructure, and permissions are essentially the backbone of access to cloud based resources. To effectively manage entitlements – access to your organization’s resources such as sensitive data and mission critical assets – the core proficiencies you need are: access to an inventory of all your cloud identities and…

  10. Identity Security and AI: Access Requests and Provisioning

    In a blog published in October (Identity Security and Artificial Intelligence), as part of #BeIdentitySmart week, the AI/ML Technical Working Group subcommittee outlined a blog series that will explore how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being utilized today, and how they can be used in the future to provide organizations with more effective Identity Security….



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