1. Why 84% Of US Firms Hit With Identity-Related Breaches In 2021

  2. New Study Reveals 84% of Organizations Experienced an Identity-Related Breach in the Last Year

  3. Maintaining cybersecurity as digital identities expand

  4. Bigger firms face growing identity threat, warns report

  5. 80% of Firms Suffered Identity-Related Breaches in Last 12 Months

  6. Identity-Related Breaches Hit 84% of US Firms in 2021

  7. 2022 Trends in Securing Digital Identities

    Managing identities accessing enterprise resources has become significantly more complicated over the last several years. Between the increasing number and expanding types of identities, the challenges posed by phishing attacks, and the continued growth of cloud adoption, enterprises are under tremendous pressure to ensure that remote workers, contractors, and employees are accessing network resources securely…

  8. 2021 Trends in Securing Digital Identities

    The past year represented a significant disruption for organizations and increased the workload for most identity and security teams. It forced organizations to recognize the importance of securing digital identities, whether maintaining employee productivity through secure access from anywhere, using any device, or transforming engagement with customers to secure online services. Did this unprecedented shift…

  9. Identity and Access Management: The Stakeholder Perspective

    The number of identities managed in the enterprise is exploding (52% say that identities have grown more than five-fold in the past 10 years), organizations struggle to align identity and security teams (only half (53%) report that security has any level of ownership for workforce IAM) and 94% of organizations have had an identity-related breach), which 99%…

  10. Identity Security: A Work in Progress

    Identity-related breaches have become ubiquitous in the last 2 years, with most organizations believing the breach could have been prevented through identity access management (IAM), education, better organizational alignment and integrated technology solutions. Research conducted in 2020 by the Identity Defined Security Alliance highlights the trends in identity security, including identity-related breaches in IT security…



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