1. The Broken State of Least Privilege: Reimagining a New Approach

  2. SailPoint: How identity security can be a business accelerator.

    This blog was originally published at SailPoint: How identity security can be a business accelerator. In a previous blog, I talked about a couple of “forcing functions” that dramatically increased the relevance and criticality of identity security in securing the modern enterprise. The most obvious was the pandemic and in short succession, the significant acceleration…

  3. Identity Defined Security Framework

    We live in an increasingly connected and remote world. The issue of identity, and its inherent connection to security, is more important than ever. Identity-related breaches have become ubiquitous in the last 2 years [READ THE REPORT]. A lack of Identity and Access Management (IAM) maturity, an over-abundance of complex security technologies and confusion over…

  4. What is Identity and Access Management?

  5. IAM Stakeholder Perspective on Access Challenges, Business Operations and Risk

  6. Automating Attestation: A Critical Step in Security Risk Management

  7. IAM Best Practices Blog Series: Making IAM an Integral Part of Application Onboarding and Major Changes

    In previous IAM Best Practices blogs my fellow customer advisory board members have  discussed identity ownership, ensuring identity uniqueness, where to start with provisioning and de-provisioning and discovery of assets for privileged access. Now that you have a solid foundation for your IAM program, it’s time to move on to establishing processes for incorporating IAM into new applications. Application onboarding…

  8. IAM Best Practices Blog Series: Asset Discovery is an Essential Step for Privileged Access Management

    In a digitally-driven business world, today’s infrastructure, applications and networks are spread across on-premise and in the cloud environments, with mobile and virtual elements. With such a dynamic set of circumstances, identifying and safeguarding critical “crown jewel” assets and their access becomes a key risk mitigating control to proactively address security risks. A first step…

  9. IAM Best Practices Blog Series: Align Automated Provisioning and De-provisioning with Business Priorities, But Focus on Risk

    Provisioning access for new employees can be a time-consuming exercise without the proper processes and tools in place.  Even more challenging and important is de-provisioning user access when roles change, or people leave the organization.  In the last IAM Best Practices blog, Tom Malta discussed the value in establishing and maintaining unique identities and its importance in establishing…



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