1. How to Successfully Leverage AI Game-Changers Powering Identity Governance

  2. The Significance of Identity Security

  3. Identity Management Day 2024: How To Get Involved

  4. Modernizing Identity Governance

    Nearly every organization today needs a way to have visibility and control into who has access to what. This often times comes in the form of identity management and governance (IMG) solutions. IMG solutions are built around the fundamental principle of providing the right users the right access to the right resources for the right…

  5. Shifting your IAM Program from Compliance-Driven to Security-Driven

  6. IAM Best Practices Blog Series: Access Governance Not Working Well? Here’s How to Fix It

    One of the biggest impediments to effective identity governance begins at the planning stage with determining who owns the identity function in the business. In an Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) survey of non-IT stakeholders who play a part in the identity workflow and security considerations, it was discovered that many departments within a business owned a…

  7. A Single Identity Management and Security Strategy for Hybrid Clouds

    Hybrid IT environments are becoming the exception and not the rule. Cloud adoption has transformed more than business operations; it has also transformed how businesses need to address identity management and security. Today’s identity teams and cloud architecture specialists are facing a myriad of challenges. In my new paper—“Multi-Cloud Access Management Done Well – Myth…

  8. Why Hybrid IT Environments Need IGA

    An increasing number of organizations are adopting a mix of cloud-based and on-premises applications – a move which has been accelerated by the need for employees to work remotely. The ever-prescient Gartner saw this shift coming pre-pandemic and predicted that in 2021, more than 75% of midsize and large organizations would have adopted some kind of multi-cloud…



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