1. BeIdentitySmart, BeCyberSmart For Security Leaders

    Being a security leader in the modern digital world is more challenging than ever. Businesses face a never-ending barrage of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks across their expanding attack surfaces. And security leaders that aren’t taking action to protect their companies and employees will continue to suffer significant losses. The consequences of suffering a breach are becoming…

  2. Can We Prevent Identity-Related Cyberattacks?

    With sophisticated cyber criminals coming up with new attack methods every day, it’s a fair question to ask whether we can really prevent identity-related breaches. As cyberattackers have continued to pummel organizations’ identity systems during the last few years, the calls for stronger identity system defense have become more urgent—and not a moment too soon….

  3. Combining Identity and Security Strategies to Mitigate Risks

  4. Julie Smith Shares Identity Security Guidance for 2023

  5. Securing Digital Identities in 2023 and Beyond

  6. Preventing the Latest Trend in Identity-Related Attacks

    Next time you sit down to enjoy your morning coffee at your desk, challenge yourself to count how many authentication requests you receive from various apps, devices, and systems throughout the working day. Enterprises’ solution to the rising threat of identity-related attacks has been implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect users. However, savvy attackers have…

  7. Uniting to Secure Digital Identities

  8. MFA Fatigue: Fighting a 2-Front War

  9. Countering the Attack: How Zero Trust is Pushing Back Against New Cyberthreats


    “Here is a list,” Raymond Perez said as he handed me an after-action report. “This is our guidance based on the latest incident.” It was turned to a page with recommendations on how to better secure Remote Desktop. I read a few aloud and nodded. “Change the default port. Restrict access to the port to…



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