1. How to Secure IoT Device Identities

    Smart machines outnumbering people may sound like the loose plot of a doom-mongering science fiction movie. But the recent explosion in internet-connected devices means we’ve already surpassed the tipping point where devices outnumber people.  IoT Analytics’ latest State of IoT research found there were 12.2 billion active endpoints in 2021 and predicts that figure will…

  2. Securing IoT Device Identities from the Start

  3. Achieving Passwordless for People & Machines

  4. Protecting Machine Identities in the Automation-First Era

    Pandemic-driven shifts to distributed work models, large-scale investments in SaaS and cloud services and strong focus on digital transformation has brought a surge in new identities in the enterprise. According to IDSA research, 83% of organizations experienced an increase in identities since last year, with one in five reporting the number of identities they manage increased by…

  5. #BeIdentitySmart Week: The Growing Importance of Protecting Machine Identities

    We asked our champions for their best advice on The Growing Importance of Protecting Machine Identities. See below for their responses and we’d love to hear your perspective, too! Share your response on Twitter and join us in raising awareness of the importance of identity management and securing digital identities by sharing all of your best…

  6. Managing Non-Human Identities for Vendor Access and Least Privilege Application Management

    While often overlooked, machine identities outnumber the human identities enterprises need to manage and protect. Their prevalence, coupled with the challenges of managing digital certificates and their sometimes, short-lived nature, creates potential gaps in visibility and control that skilled threat actors will eagerly look to exploit. Just like human identities, machine identities are at risk….

  7. Beyond Humans: Zero Trust and Machine Identities

    Today’s economic climate exacerbates these cyber risks and the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic has led to an acceleration in digital transformation and technical change that will further stress-test organizations’ identity and access management practices. This creates new challenges in minimizing access-related risks across traditional datacenters, cloud, and DevOps environments. Companies that have adopted an…



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