1. You Have a Standing Privilege Problem and Just Don’t Know It

    The year has just begun and as with previous years, many worrying strains of destructive malware have yet again been detected. Unlike ransomware, where you at least have a chance of recovering your data after paying the ransom, the new destructive techniques pose a very real and serious threat to businesses. The recently reported HermeticWiper…

  2. Privilege Sprawl Index: Modeling Privilege Access Sprawl for Zero Trust Security

  3. Identity-Centric Security: 10 Data Points from 10 Different Vendors (and a book) Make the Case

    There’s almost universal consensus that perimeter-centric security is insufficient for today’s distributed IT environments. But where debate amongst IT pros and vendors now rages is whether the optimal enterprise security approach today is application-centric, data-centric, or identity-centric. Data-centric and application-centric approaches have merit, but each can be undermined simply by the wrong identity accessing data,…

  4. Zero Trust Myth Series: Leveraging Risk Analysis to Enhance Trust

    Trust is a foundational part of personal relationships, and it is a foundational part of the digital relationships between employees, their devices, and the enterprise. However, the sad fact facing security professionals is that there are some insiders – whether they are disgruntled employees or external threat actors acting as legit users that penetrated the…



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