1. The Hole in Your Zero Trust Strategy: Unmanageable Applications

  2. Incorporating Machine Identities into an Identity-Centric Strategy

    The importance of machine identities and non-person entities (or non-human identities) in the enterprise is often overlooked. Machine identities govern the confidentiality and integrity of information [flow] between machines. To ensure their unique identities, machines use keys and certificates, similar to people’s use of usernames and passwords (source Venafi). Automation is being used to drive…

  3. The Role of Authorization in Driving Zero Trust and Identity-First Security

  4. Countering the Attack: How Zero Trust is Pushing Back Against New Cyberthreats

  5. The Path to Zero Trust Starts with Identity

    Despite its origin almost 15 years ago, Zero Trust is more relevant today, than ever before.  Your user communities have expanded, the amount of data being created is growing exponentially, and the traditional network perimeter has disappeared. It’s no longer feasible to protect your most sensitive assets behind a single network wall.  Hackers are using…

  6. LogRhythm’s Journey to Identity-Centric Zero Trust

    LogRhythm’s CISO James Carder joined the organization recognizing he had an opportunity to improve the security of a security organization, but also architect and implement an architecture based on zero-trust that could be used as a model for organizations of similar size and IT characteristics.  The path to Zero Trust is multi-phased, but once fully…

  7. Adobe Finds ZEN Using Identity-Centric Security

    As with most organizations that are implementing digital transformation initiatives, Adobe faced the struggle to find the balance between a pleasant user experience and stringent security requirements. With the increased complexity of user authentication, blending usernames and passwords with second factor authentication, the user experience can suffer. In many cases users needed to re-authenticate many…

  8. Why Managing and Securing Digital Identities is a Must

  9. You Have a Standing Privilege Problem and Just Don’t Know It

    The year has just begun and as with previous years, many worrying strains of destructive malware have yet again been detected. Unlike ransomware, where you at least have a chance of recovering your data after paying the ransom, the new destructive techniques pose a very real and serious threat to businesses. The recently reported HermeticWiper…

  10. Identity – Don’t Forget About the Device

    The word “identity” has always made us think of a person’s identity. However, over the past 20 years the meaning of the term has evolved subtly. This evolution focused mainly on the shift from a human identity to privileged identities and then to generic accounts and application-based accounts. But the last five years or so…



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