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  1. Zero Trust Myth Series: Keep Users at the Forefront of Your Security Approach

    Friction is the enemy of cybersecurity. Tools and approaches that make it more difficult for users to do their jobs turn security solutions into impediments, digital stop signs in an era when business leaders are demanding agility. For organizations implementing a Zero Trust approach, the subject of user experience should not be far from mind….

  2. Zero Trust Myth Series: Leveraging Risk Analysis to Enhance Trust

    Trust is a foundational part of personal relationships, and it is a foundational part of the digital relationships between employees, their devices, and the enterprise. However, the sad fact facing security professionals is that there are some insiders – whether they are disgruntled employees or external threat actors acting as legit users that penetrated the…

  3. Zero Trust Myth Series: Zero Trust is about Secure Access, Not Zero Access

    Say the term Zero Trust, and there will be those that take the word zero to mean exactly that-zero, as in no trust at all. In reality, Zero Trust is about acknowledging that bad actors will make their way into an organization’s environment and building defenses with that idea in mind. This confusion is the…

  4. Zero Trust Myth Series: Going Beyond the Network

    First impressions die hard. When the concept of Zero Trust was first introduced, the focus was on segmenting, isolating, and controlling network traffic. Today, however, those ideas represent only one fraction of a Zero Trust strategy. On my list of Zero Trust myths, the second fallacy I noted was the idea that Zero Trust focuses solely on…

  5. Zero Trust Myth Series: What’s Old is New Again, with a Twist

    There was a time when defending the perimeter was the focus of IT security. By necessity, those days have long passed. Between insider threats, credential-stealing malware, and social engineering, today’s businesses need to secure more than the gate around the castle. They must defend the doors inside the castle itself. This reality has brought Zero…



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