Healthcare CISOs Push the Importance of Identity

Last week H-ISAC, a trusted community of critical infrastructure owners and operators within the Health Care and Public Health sector (HPH), published a new paper titled “Identity for the CISO Not Yet Paying Attention to Identity.”  The paper, authored by a technical working group of healthcare CISOs, is the first in a series focused on advocating for an identity centric approach to security and providing resources specific to the healthcare community.

It establishes a great foundation for why identity should be on the radar of not just healthcare CISOs, but every CISO. “Identity matters. It’s where attackers increasingly focus, making it imperative that defenses are oriented around identity. With the explosion of cloud, mobile, and BYOD, organizations have reduced control of their endpoints, elevating the importance of identity.”

We’re excited that this group of CISOs is focused on elevating the role of identity in their organizations and providing resources to their peer group on how best to approach IAM, as well as its role in managing cybersecurity risk.

For additional reading check out our resources on identity defined security and why the path to zero trust starts with identity.



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