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Authentication Requirements for the Presidential Executive Order

Asaf Lerner

IAM Market Owner, Thales

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Authentication Requirements for the Presidential Executive Order

The recent White House Executive Order for multifactor authentication and data encryption is inducing organizations to take essential steps in order to meet fundamental cyber security requirements. Ensuring secure remote trusted access and authentication as part of a broader zero trust environment is crucial for enterprises to thrive as they modernize their IT and security frameworks.

During this webinar we will discuss immediate and practical steps that CISOs and IT professionals can take today to start implementing identity-centric zero trust security. By the end of this webinar you will have a better understanding on how to address the multiple user authentication journeys in your organization and apply the appropriate level of authentication, taking into account:

*Authentication use cases
*User profiles
*Security requirements
*Regulatory constraints

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for you if…

You are responsible for protecting the security of identities – employee, contractors, third party vendors.

You are a security leader that will be held accountable if the organization experiences a data breach.

You are a security architect responsible for making sure that your identity and security technology investments are working together to make your organization more secure.

You are concerned about the risks of an identity-related breach due to over-privileged access

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The Panelists

Asaf Lerner

IAM Market Owner, Thales

Asaf Lerner is the IAM Market Owner for Thales. He brings over 20 years of swimming in the high IAM seas, serving in different positions in the industry, from R&D management to PKI and Authentication Product Management and various market-facing roles. Located in Austin, TX, Asaf is in charge of the IAM solutions market for the Americas at Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing (formerly Gemalto/SafeNet). Under his responsibility is creating market awareness of Thales’s IAM solutions, enhancing market partnerships, and creating healthy channel workstreams. He likes long-distance running and thinks he’s good at Ping Pong.

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