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Challenges and Pitfalls of IAM with Merger and Acquisition Activity

February 22nd, 2024, 9:00am PT/12:00pm ET

  • Jeff Reich
  • Allen Moffett
  • Rob Wilson

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Challenges and Pitfalls of IAM with Merger and Acquisition Activity

Mergers and Acquisitions happen all of the time. Regardless of the industry, size, or type of organization, a common thread exists around either combining or keeping separate identity management, email systems, and file sharing throughout the new organization. This webinar will have speakers with real-world experience in the pains and joys of IAM in M&A work.

Attendees Will Learn

  • Lessons learned from IAM in M&A
  • Pitfalls to avoid during M&A processes
  • Practices to use when merging dissimilar IAM technologies
  • How to ensure that dissimilar IAM methodologies can be kept separate

Who Should Attend

  • IAM Engineers
  • CISOs
  • Chief Privacy Officers
  • Enterprise Engineers
  • Application Engineers

The Panelists

Jeff Reich

Executive Director, Identity Defined Security Alliance

An advocate of research and innovation speaking to and from the technology and security industries. Extensive experience in building and leading high-performance teams by identifying and developing high-potential leaders at all levels of an organization, many of whom achieve world-recognized leadership status. Built successful programs dealing with challenging problems, delivering prevention, recovery, and turnaround solutions to organizations. My perfect role allows for a significant impact for a growing concern by nurturing and nourishing people, resulting in strong and resilient teams that lead an enterprise through challenges of growth that require innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

Allen Moffett

Global Identity and Access Management Practice Lead, Atos

Allen Moffett is the Global Identity and Access Management Practice Lead for Atos where he is responsible for the global IAM services strategy and portfolio. Allen also leads the IAM domain of the global Atos Expert Community that drives innovation for the company. Prior to joining Atos, Allen was a Practice Director for a global IAM practice at Commercium Technology (CTI) and held similar positions at Unisys and Siemens. Allen is on the Executive Board for the Identity Defined Security Alliance and has held positions previously in industry organizations such as the Smart Card Alliance. Allen holds a BS in Computer Science from Louisiana State University.

Rob Wilson

Identity Technologist, SailPoint

Rob Wilson has over 25 years of experience helping organisations realise their digital identity and cybersecurity goals. At SailPoint, Rob works with organisations to develop secure digital identity architectures and strategies that deliver real business value. At events and conferences, he frequently discusses identity security, API security, and digital innovation. In his leisure time, Rob enjoys trail running with his wife, spending time with family and friends, and attempting to find time to play video games.

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