White Paper

Identity and Access Management: The Stakeholder Perspective


The number of identities managed in the enterprise is exploding (52% say that identities have grown more than five-fold in the past 10 years), organizations struggle to align identity and security teams (only half (53%) report that security has any level of ownership for workforce IAM) and 94% of organizations have had an identity-related breach), which 99% believe could have been prevented. These stats highlight the current state of identity security from the inside – the teams that are immersed in the day to day managing and securing identities, putting in place identity and access management processes and technologies. But what is the impact of their efforts on their stakeholders?

The latest research from the Identity Defined Security Alliance is based on an online survey of 311 professionals and IAM Stakeholders, including:

  • HR professionals who oversee the workers that join the company, move to different areas of the company, or eventually depart the organization
  • Sales Managers to represent the business teams who are concerned about productivity and sensitivity of the data being accessed
  • Help Desk teams who handle access requests, access removals, and resolve access problems

This research report – Identity and Access Management: The Stakeholder Perspective – highlights experiences of these IAM stakeholders and the impact of current practices on security risks and business operations.



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