Through our Working Groups, members come together to discuss the common challenges happening across the customer landscape. The Working Group (WG) subcommittees encompass everything from the basics of best practices to innovations at the intersection of identity and security. We partner to examine the problem (or opportunity) and collectively develop vendor-neutral practical guidance to help organizations achieve their security goals through identity.

Our current Working Groups focus on the following: AI and Identity, Beyond Best Practices, Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management, Customer Identity and Access Management and Zero Trust.

The Path to Zero Trust Starts with Identity

Working Group Leader

Najam Siddiqui, Solutions Architect Manager, Thales

AI and Identity

This workgroup is focused on outlining how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being utilized today to solve many of the real-world complexities found in Identity Security. We are also excited to discuss the how the emergence of AI/ML driven technologies are changing the way organizations view the typical pillars of Identity: Access Management, Compliance, and Provisioning.

Working Group Subcommittee Leader: Adam Creaney, SailPoint, shared with Secure Identity Alliance



Know Your Customer (KYC) / Customer-Identity-and-Access-Management (CIAM)

Study how Customer IAM is different from the traditional Enterprise IAM. Discuss evolution of IAM to CIAM and how identity fits in this evolution.

Working Group Subcommittee Leaders: Gil Mazor – Thales, shared with Secure Identity Alliance

Members: CiscoSailPointThalesUrbanID




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