1. Challenges and Pitfalls of IAM with Merger and Acquisition Activity

  2. Incorporating Machine Identities into an Identity-Centric Strategy

    The importance of machine identities and non-person entities (or non-human identities) in the enterprise is often overlooked. Machine identities govern the confidentiality and integrity of information [flow] between machines. To ensure their unique identities, machines use keys and certificates, similar to people’s use of usernames and passwords (source Venafi). Automation is being used to drive…

  3. Identity Security and AI: Access Requests and Provisioning

    In a blog published in October (Identity Security and Artificial Intelligence), as part of #BeIdentitySmart week, the AI/ML Technical Working Group subcommittee outlined a blog series that will explore how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being utilized today, and how they can be used in the future to provide organizations with more effective Identity Security….

  4. Critical infrastructure cyberattacks: An impetus for identity-first security

  5. Identity’s Role in Addressing Ransomware Attacks

    Ransomware attacks are on the rise, and cyber criminals are using a variety of methods to carry out these potentially damaging assaults. Among these are entry through endpoints and administrative accounts – both human and machine. Ransomware attacks grew exponentially in the last few years in North America and around the world. According to a Google…

  6. Transforming Experience Through Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

    Customers are the reason most businesses exist. Whether it’s healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, or entertainment, a business cannot succeed without customer interaction. It’s interesting to observe how this dynamic has changed over time. Today it is very clear that the customer is in control of this relationship, and much of the decision to continue the…

  7. The Evolution of Ransomware – What Does it Mean for You?

  8. DevSecOps TWG: Protecting Identities in the DevOps Pipeline

    DevOps and DevSecOps, these are the two words that most of the IT Enterprises seem to be fixated on in the last several years. While DevOps aims to shorten the software development life cycle and continuous delivery of applications, DevSecOps embeds Security into the DevOps life cycle. DevOps deals with the process and tools and DevSecOps…

  9. Beyond Best Practices TWG Brings New Insights and Also… Sharks?

    As we celebrate the first-ever Identity Management Day, I had a chance to reflect on the Beyond Best Practices Technical Working Group’s contributions over the past year, and one word came to mind: Creativity. It’s the one skill that underpins nearly every successful identity management team. Whether it’s finding a way to glue together the Active…

  10. Identity Management Day: What Sharks and Your Identity Program Have in Common

    Legend has it that in 1988 the idea for Shark Week was hatched over a round of drinks and documented on the back of a napkin as an awesome (and fun) way to capture more viewers. Seems like it worked: Discovery Channel viewers doubled after the very first Shark Week. Fast forward to 2021, and…



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