1. Identity Security and AI: Access Requests and Provisioning

    In a blog published in October (Identity Security and Artificial Intelligence), as part of #BeIdentitySmart week, the AI/ML Technical Working Group subcommittee outlined a blog series that will explore how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being utilized today, and how they can be used in the future to provide organizations with more effective Identity Security….

  2. Is Your Cloud Security Starting to Feel like A Game of Whac-A-Mole?

    Whac-A-Mole is a timeless arcade classic with a simple goal: when a mole pops up, whack it back into its hole. Inevitably, however, a few of those pesky, popping creatures seem to evade the wrath of the jumbo cushioned mallet at the very last second. I was reminded of this game when I read a recent…

  3. The Implications of Bring Your Own Identity

    When I was seventeen, I played one of the greatest roles of my life: “Mark Jannell.” A younger student who we’ll call “Tim” (not his name, of course) had just started at my high school, and after knowing me for several weeks, asked my name. Amused that he had forgotten it, I vowed not to…

  4. Hacking Identity: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Identity-Centric Security Controls

  5. Mitigating the Risk of Social Engineering

    Peel back the layers of most enterprise data breaches, and credential theft will be at the center. For an attacker, user credentials are worth their weight in gold, and getting them means exploiting the weakest link in the chain of cybersecurity: people. Even in 2020, social engineering remains arguably the most reliable tool in an…



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