1. Transforming Experience Through Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

    Customers are the reason most businesses exist. Whether it’s healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, or entertainment, a business cannot succeed without customer interaction. It’s interesting to observe how this dynamic has changed over time. Today it is very clear that the customer is in control of this relationship, and much of the decision to continue the…

  2. DevSecOps TWG: Protecting Identities in the DevOps Pipeline

    DevOps and DevSecOps, these are the two words that most of the IT Enterprises seem to be fixated on in the last several years. While DevOps aims to shorten the software development life cycle and continuous delivery of applications, DevSecOps embeds Security into the DevOps life cycle. DevOps deals with the process and tools and DevSecOps…

  3. Mission Possible: Better Identity Through Public/Private Sector Collaboration

    One of the most entertaining parts of the Mission Impossible movies is watching the characters don masks of targets they want to impersonate and slip into and out of the secret identities like gloves. In the digital world, impersonating people is much simpler. Thankfully, government officials and the consumers they represent appear to want to change that. In…



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