1. Connecting the Dots Between Cybersecurity and Managing Identity

    The use of video doorbells and internal and external video cameras for home security has skyrocketed in recent years as homeowners seek new ways to protect themselves and their property. While these devices may capture images of potential intruders, they cannot confirm their identities. Is this really an employee from your electric company or is…

  2. Unsolved Mysteries

  3. Beyond Best Practices TWG Brings New Insights and Also… Sharks?

    As we celebrate the first-ever Identity Management Day, I had a chance to reflect on the Beyond Best Practices Technical Working Group’s contributions over the past year, and one word came to mind: Creativity. It’s the one skill that underpins nearly every successful identity management team. Whether it’s finding a way to glue together the Active…

  4. Identity Management Day: What Sharks and Your Identity Program Have in Common

    Legend has it that in 1988 the idea for Shark Week was hatched over a round of drinks and documented on the back of a napkin as an awesome (and fun) way to capture more viewers. Seems like it worked: Discovery Channel viewers doubled after the very first Shark Week. Fast forward to 2021, and…

  5. A decade of identity evolution forced into one chaotic year. What’s next?

  6. The Unique Challenges of Customer Identity and Access Management

    As the world faced quarantines, stay at home orders and shuttered businesses, even normally reluctant consumers were forced to go online to grocery shop, order take-out and stay connected to friends and family. This focus on transacting daily tasks on-line placed a major spotlight on an emerging subset of identity security, customer identity and access…



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